Vicious cycle: Hopping-mad kangaroo kicks cyclist in head (VIDEO)

Vicious cycle: Hopping-mad kangaroo kicks cyclist in head (VIDEO)
A cyclist narrowly avoided being knocked off his wheels when an impatient kangaroo bounced on top of him while crossing a road. The rider managed to keep his balance despite being kicked in the head by the roo.

Michael Bland was part of a group taking a spin just outside Adelaide, South Australia, when the roo “jumped out of nowhere.”

Luckily for us, a friend of Bland’s was on hand, equipped with a GoPro, to capture the moment on video.

“He virtually leapt over me…he just clipped my helmet,” Bland told 9NEWS, saying it was the “freakiest thing that’s happened to me on a bike ride.”

The cyclist managed to maintain his balance and cycled on as the kangaroo continued his journey unconcerned with any harm that may have been caused to Bland.

Despite the incident Bland said wildlife is still preferable to bad drivers: “They’re both unpredictable. Give me kangaroos any day!”

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