Mysterious UFO cloud hovers over Sweden (PHOTOS)

Mysterious UFO cloud hovers over Sweden (PHOTOS)
Skiers in Sweden were left dumbfounded when a UFO-shaped cloud appeared over the resorts of Åre and Duved, sending onlookers into a mania of picture snapping and uploading lots of stunning visuals onto social media.

UFO enthusiasts will be disappointed to learn, however, that far from being visitors from a distant galaxy, these clouds, though rare, are terrestrial.

They are known as lenticular clouds, and form when air is forced to rise when it comes in contact with a natural or manmade object, such as a mountain or skyscraper. When the air then cools, it forms amazing shapes.

Weird weather, cool clouds. I think I may jump on that spaceship. #smhiväder #åreidag #linsmoln

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