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Muslim billboards in Florida riff on Trump’s election slogan (PHOTOS)

Muslim billboards in Florida riff on Trump’s election slogan (PHOTOS)
A Muslim association in the US is using billboards in Florida to troll Donald Trump, replicating his famous ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan, but with a twist aimed at opening a narrative of inclusion and dampening divisive rhetoric.

“Make America Great” is printed in large text on the two large billboards, followed in a smaller font by “with Love, Compassion and Mercy,” along with a phone number and web address for whyislam.org.

Support your local Why Islam Chapter! #Islam #Peace #Humanity #MakingAmericaGreatAgain #WhyIslam

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The American Muslim Community Centers (AMCC) hopes the stunt will “dispel popular stereotypes and persistent misconceptions about Islam and Muslims.”

The billboards are described as a public service announcement to remind people of the good work of American Muslims in local communities, as reported by CNN.

Last week the AMCC announced the opening of a free health clinic open to lower-income residents in Orlando.

“Our goal is to serve humanity – no strings attached. Everyone is welcome,” Chairman Atif Fareed told the Orlando Sentinel.

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