Creepy bra sanctuary opens at abandoned Japanese temple (VIDEO)

Creepy bra sanctuary opens at abandoned Japanese temple (VIDEO)
An abandoned Buddhist temple in the picturesque Prefecture of Ibaraki, Japan, has been turned into an eerie bra sanctuary.

The temple, which is located in a remote area northeast of Tokyo, had been shut due to a fraud case which allegedly involved fortune telling but has since been transformed into the bizarre art exhibit venue.

The spooky spectacle is reminiscent of a building abandoned after nuclear fallout, or a 'serial killer's' obsessive pad.

Some Youtube commenters seem to agree, with one writing, “what a creepy looking place, im sure there is a dead body somewhere”, and “Looks like a serial killer took over the temple”.

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Others took a more light hearted view of the spectacle saying, “Buddhists are simply fond of curvaceous things, nothing wrong with that.”

Others, however, expressed anger at what they see as the disrespectful nature of the exhibit “What the f is this? Such a disgrace to the culture!”

You can pay the temple a visit but if it’s a bit too far, check out this video for an insight into this strange building formerly devoted to the gods.