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Smart-ass passengers strip down for #NoPantsSubwayRide (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Smart-ass passengers strip down for #NoPantsSubwayRide (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)
Despite the cold weather, the annual ‘No Pants Subway Ride’ took place in numerous cities around the world, with free-spirited commuters stripping down for the underground.

New York, Berlin, London and Prague were amongst the cities which saw travelers lose their trousers at a designated area for a carefree commute. As per organizer’s guidelines, the no-pants enthusiasts boarded trains mid-winter and behaved as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.


The event began in New York in 2002 when the group ‘Improv Everywhere’ want to give “New Yorkers a reason to look up from their papers, from their phones, and experience something that’s a little different than their average run-of-the-mill stuff.”


It has since grown to an annual event across the globe. The day of the event changes each year with the date announced each December.


“People who don’t understand what we’re doing will look at us like we’re doing something bad or wrong,” one participant told AP. “It’s just for fun. It’s a fun trip, that’s all.”


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Philadelphia laundrette ‘Got Laundry?’ got in on the action this year, arranging a meeting point and prompting participants to bring a spare pair of pants to donate to charity. “This is NOT a NUDE event,” the laundrette wrote on its website, reminding participants to wear underwear.

Chilling. #nopantsday #nopantssubwayride #subway #unionsquare

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