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21 Dec, 2016 11:04

Deep sea monsters: Russian sailor tweets amazing pics of strangest fish he’s caught

Deep sea monsters: Russian sailor tweets amazing pics of strangest fish he’s caught

Scaly, horned, sharp-toothed with strange red or yellow eyes – these aren’t fantastic beasts from the Harry Potter world, but real creatures caught by a Russian sailor. And social media are completely abuzz.

The photos which sometimes look like drawings of some absurd creatures, have been released by Roman Fedortsov, a sailor who works on a trawler in the Barents Sea.

They fished out some very bizarre creatures that actually live in depths of the sea.

Some of the fish resemble the highly-aggressive extraterrestrial creatures from the famous Alien franchise. And this one is definitely a predator.

“This is zombie fish”, “I'm screaming,” people tweeted.

What impressed people on social media most are the eyes.

“Its skin…. Its eyes. This can be an inspiration for horror films,” wrote one person under the picture.

Even a funny batoidea has been caught on Fedortsov’s camera.

“I fell in love with that guy,” one woman wrote.

Fedortsov sometimes even doesn’t know the species of the fish they caught.

“Small, horned, transparent. Who are you?” he asked under the picture of this fish.

“These are ‘Fish X’ or ‘Fantastic 2’,” he wrote about these two scaly creatures.

And this is a catfish. Found some similarities with your beloved pet?

Some of the beasts are of very impressive size. This ocean sunfish was caught somewhere near Morocco.

Others can fit into a palm like this small dragon.

People on Twitter were unanimous, saying the creature was definitely “cute.”

One Twitter user compared this cutie with Kylie Jenner, an American reality television personality.

However, its official name is the cornetfish.