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Mystery Russian sub in media spotlight after ‘helping’ Norwegian fishermen (VIDEO)

Mystery Russian sub in media spotlight after ‘helping’ Norwegian fishermen (VIDEO)
In a clip no less believable than the sightings of the much-hyped Russian submarines in Swedish waters, a Russian sub can be seen emerging in a Norwegian fjord next to a fishermen’s boat. In a plot twist, it seems to arrive at the moment they needed it most.

The vessel with a Russian-speaking crew aboard is seen surfacing in front of the men in a small boat, who were apparently fishing somewhere in Norway.

The two have a large fridge with them, which they decided to get rid of pronto, when they started fearing it was too heavy and might sink the boat. The fridge was there in the first place as the fishermen planned to keep their catch in it.

The Russian submarine aptly named LODKA ('boat' in Russian) then immediately comes to the men's rescue, as its captain likes the fridge, and the Russians buy it and take it away.

The whole ‘incident’ takes place in an advert of the app named letgo, which has been promoting itself for selling and buying second hand stuff and accumulating views on YouTube with similar clips.

The commercial’s plot was apparently inspired by Europeans' visions of Russia's military fleet everywhere.

"Seems like someone's fixation on Russian submarines has become part of national folklore," a YouTube comment suggested.

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"The video is a documentary, it proves Russian submarines are there," another one read.

In an infamous incident in 2014, Sweden launched a hunt for a foreign submarine, which it presumed to be Russian. In the event that made international headlines, Swedish military reported to have had crucial evidence of the presence of a foreign submarine in the country’s waters, while an amateur photo of the supposed boat was widely circulated. Months later, Sweden's Defense Ministry admitted the sonar signature which they initially identified as the Russian Navy's came from a Swedish vessel.

Others suggested the idea might have been "stolen" by a real episode in Russia's Far East. In October, two Russian fishermen in a tiny fishing boat freaked out when a Russian nuclear submarine surfaced beside them. With their shaking hands, they managed to film the moment and posted it online, to the excitement of many viewers.