Hair, there & everywhere: The most bizarre 'sightings' of Trump’s famous mop (PHOTOS)

Hair, there & everywhere: The most bizarre 'sightings' of Trump’s famous mop (PHOTOS)
With Donald Trump’s hair back in the headlines again due to its apparent resemblance to the New York Times logo, of all things, we take a look at what else Trump’s hair has been likened to.

The latest discovery came from journalist Jennings Brown who tweeted that he “can’t ever unsee it” after noticing the resemblance between the NYT typeface on its logo and the president-elect’s hair.

Uncanny or unconvincing? Either way, it’s just another in a long line of cats, shoes and waves that could be perfect stand-ins for Trump’s hair if ever needed.

The famous comb-over has even been seen on the side of the road, slowly creeping its way towards voters’ homes.

Elsewhere in the wild, his hair’s distant cousin may have been discovered, as experts point out its eerie similarities with the flannel moth caterpillar, or Megalopyge opercularis, in Peru. Coincidentally, while Trump’s opponents have branded the president-elect as toxic,” this caterpillar counterpart is actually highly venomous.

Trump’s list of fans in the animal world doesn’t end there though, with several emulating his style where possible, including this duck and guinea pig, who clearly want to follow their hero into politics.

If only for the fun we enjoy on the internet, let’s hope Trump never changes his hair.