Scaffolding collapses on busy Chinese street, injuring 3 (VIDEO)

Scaffolding collapses on busy Chinese street, injuring 3 (VIDEO)
Footage has emerged of a dramatic Chinese construction site disaster, which saw scaffolding give way and collapse onto a crowded shopping street, injuring three people.

The incident happened just after midday last Wednesday in the southwestern Sichuan Province city of Mianyang, as passersby went about their daily business. 

Surveillance footage obtained by CCTV News shows steel scaffolding beginning to peel away from a building, much to the horror of two workers standing on the structure and people walking on the street below. 

As the platform falls towards the ground, two men working on the construction site desperately try to hang on while people passing by run for cover.

The scaffolding then smashes into a lamppost before a large crowd starts rummaging through the wreckage for survivors.

According to China’s Sina news channel, three people were injured in the collapse, including two construction workers.

An investigation into the accident is now being carried out by the city’s Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureua, reported China News.