That quickly-repaired sinkhole in Japan has begun slipping

That quickly-repaired sinkhole in Japan has begun slipping
Remember the gigantic Japanese sinkhole which was repaired within days earlier in November? It turns out the quick turnaround has led to part of the road sinking by around 7cm (2.7 inches) over the weekend.

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A 30-meter hole suddenly appeared at the busy intersection in Fukuoka earlier in the month, eating up five lanes and filling with water but, despite being repaired within an astonishing time-frame of two days, the sinkhole has threatened to reappear.

While Japan was initially praised for its efficiency in repairing the problem, there is now concern over how quick the work was carried out.

Authorities closed the road on Saturday after it was noticed it had begun to sink again. The road was declared safe for traffic and pedestrians and was reopened again a number of hours later, however, reported the Japan Times.

Officials in the city expected some movement on the surface because the materials used for repairs has yet to settle.

In a Facebook post, Fukuoka Mayor Soichiro Takashima reportedly apologized for not warning people that there was a possibility of the surface sinking again. The post has since been deleted.

Sinkholes usually occur when a layer of the surface collapses and can happen gradually or suddenly, as was the case in Fukuoka.

In Russia, a six-meter sinkhole swallowed a car in the city of Urals this month as shocked bystanders looked on.

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