Winter eye-candy: What biting Russian winter does to boiling water (VIDEO)

© Евгений Кочетков
This new video from snowy Russia depicts the incredibly beautiful fate of boiling water in (below) freezing weather conditions.

Blogger Evgeny Kochetkov from the city of Yekaterinburg posted the video on his YouTube channel last week, and it is quickly collecting views.

Kochetkov performed the stunt, which went viral in 2014, where boiling water turns into steam in thin air. However, this clip has the backdrop of a low winter Urals sun. Here’s the full video:

This wasn’t Kochetkov’s first attempt at the trick. Last week he shot a video where he threw water from a high-rise balcony. Again, no one was hurt, in -30 degrees Celsius, the boiling water turned to steam before reaching the ground.

A similar video became a hit in 2012, when a man from the Siberian city of Novosibirsk threw a pan of boiling water out of his window and it gloriously evaporated without wetting a single brick.