‘Make racists afraid again’: Texas communists take up rifles, troll White Lives Matter

© Sputnik
If this photo is anything to go by it’s not just the right-wing in America that will have their guns ‘pried from their cold, dead hands’.

A self-styled communist group is causing a stir in Texas, after taking a stand during an anti-White Lives Matter demo in Austin.

A viral Reddit post features a photo of a small, apparently “communist”, open-carry militia standing with semi-automatic rifles and bearing a sign reading ‘Make racists afraid again’.

The Red Guards Austin claim the protest took place on November 19 “as a direct response to a planned protest” by the White Lives Matter group, and the presence of the communists and their guns made some people feel uncomfortable.

The Red Guards Austin said they outnumbered the “fascists” behind the White Lives Matter movement and that it was their “duty as communists” to shut down such protests in Texas.

Around 24 people from White Lives Matter protested, while there were eight arrests, according to AP.

“As Maoists, we firmly believe that white supremacists need to be met with and overwhelmed by a greater force,” the Red Guards wrote. “This is why we called for an armed partisan unit under our command.”

The trolling traveled both ways though.

The communists’ outfits were targeted:

Another questioned if it’s legal to hide one's identity while being in possession of a firearm.

The incident comes after six communists were arrested in Austin for reportedly assaulting supporters of Donald Trump.