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Giant Lenin head turns up in Belarusian parking lot (PHOTOS)

Giant Lenin head turns up in Belarusian parking lot (PHOTOS)
A bronze-colored Lenin head the size of a car has turned up in a parking lot of the ‘Stalin Line’ historical complex near Minsk, Belarus.

Alfred Mikus posted the images on his page in VK (a top Russian social network) with the comment: “They parked Lenin in Stalin Line.”

Nothing odd. Just an enormous Lenin head parked near someone’s car.

The Stalin Line was a system of fortifications the Soviet Union built in the 20s and 30s, and the name was coined by German propaganda – Die Stalinlinie. 

When the Soviet Union expanded further west in the late 30s, the system was put on hold and a new fortification was built, dubbed ‘the Molotov Line’. It lies about 300km west of the Stalin Line.

The latter has been turned into a memorial complex to honor the collective Soviet efforts in defeating the Nazis during World War II. It is situated in modern Belarus and offers all kinds of entertainment for tourists. 

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It is unclear where the enormous Lenin head came from, whether it was attached to a body before winding up in a parking lot, and what it will be used for next. So far, no headless Lenin monuments have come looking.