Car engulfed by flames in alarming gas station footage (VIDEO)

Car engulfed by flames in alarming gas station footage (VIDEO)
CCTV footage has captured the remarkably alert reactions of Saudi gas station attendants after a customer’s car suddenly burst in flames.

What began as a relatively mundane Saturday rush hour quickly turned chaotic when one of the attendants at a gas station in Medina, Saudi Arabia noticed a spark beneath a refueling Hyundai.

Upon closer inspection, the worker realizes the car is, in fact, on fire and proceeds to calmly withdraw the gas pump from the burning vehicle.

The vehicle’s occupants and surrounding customers had a faster and more panicked reaction to the prospect of a massive gas explosion, running away or jumping back into their cars to drive away.

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According to local reports, the alarmed passengers fleeing the car are a mother and son and the young man has been praised for helping his mother out of the car to safety.

While most bystanders naturally got as far away from the flame-engulfed car as possible, some braver witnesses and gas station staff stuck around to help extinguish the blaze.

No injuries were reported in the aftermath of the fire.