Sordid affair: French dating website asks women why they cheat

Sordid affair: French dating website asks women why they cheat
Why would a woman cheat on her husband? A French dating website has the answer, with 73 percent of women warning their men: "Things are getting too dirty at home."

Gleeden, the now-global dating network for married people, polled 10,000 female members, and almost three quarters answered that they can be driven towards infidelity because “he was too little involved in the daily tasks,” the French website LeBonbon reported.

At the same time, 86 percent said they were very frustrated by their men avoiding housework, with 84 percent saying that it has caused arguments. The women surveyed in the poll added that having to do overwhelming amounts of the housework drives them to look for more attention and satisfaction in another relationship. In particular, 31 percent indicated the need to feel feminine, sexy, and valued – which is not what happens after spending hours vacuum-cleaning or washing the dishes. 18 percent said they even lose their desire for their men when they don’t lift a finger to help with the chores.

Last year, a poll conducted by INSEE, a French statistics agency, showed that women in France still do about two thirds of the household chores.
So why, in general, is cheating on the rise? Specialists blame more social contacts, both offline and online.

“People have more partners these days, women are much more in the working environment so they come into contact with other men, there’s technology and social media, meaning people can communicate in private. There’s basically much more temptation around now,” IFOP researcher François Kraus told The Local.