Revealed: You can easily 'hack' into Trump website yourself

Revealed: You can easily 'hack' into Trump website yourself
A design flaw in Donald Trump’s official campaign website left it open to manipulation by some mischievous users who changed the website header to whatever they liked, with many choosing a poop emoji, as US voters wait for the election results to roll in.

The quirk caused much amusement online as people rushed to put their own stamp on Trump’s website before the end of one of the most controversial presidential campaigns in US history.

And they certainly didn’t hold back when it came to their feelings about the presidential hopeful.

The changes to Trump’s website sparked panic with some media outlets, including the BBC, rushing to believe the site had actually been hacked.

A number of Twitter users however were quick to point out that the site was not actually hacked but merely badly designed.

The ‘hacks’ were carried out by simply typing the words you wanted to show in the header space into the URL.

Unfortunately those late to the game will be disappointed: It appears the flaw has since been rectified by Trump’s technical team.