Reckless raccoon flings himself from treetop as rescue bid goes wrong (VIDEO)

© Ruptly TV
A raccoon leapt from the top of a two-story-high tree while rescuers were attempting to help the animal safely down, much to the horror of bystanders.

Young school children gathered around as firefighters tried to assist the overly-adventurous raccoon who found himself trapped at the top of the tree in Pyatigorsk, southwest Russia.

The raccoon was spotted perilously close to the top of the narrow tree, which visibly sagged under his weight.

Rescue workers brought in a fire engine with a long extendable ladder to reach the stranded animal.

However the raccoon climbed higher as its would-be rescuers approached. When a man tried to coax it onto a blanket the startled animal leapt right out of reach – and plummeted to the ground.

The daring leap drew screams of shock from those watching below and one wondered whether the animal would survive the fall.

However, despite hitting the ground with a sickening thump, the animal lived to tell the tale and was somehow unharmed by the dramatic drop. The raccoon is currently being cared for by volunteers before it is rehomed.