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US military’s ‘lost nuke’ may have finally been found after 66yrs

US military’s ‘lost nuke’ may have finally been found after 66yrs
A Canadian diver may have just found a bomb lost by the US Air Force in 1950 on the ocean floor off the west coast of Canada.

Sean Smyrichinsky was diving for sea cucumbers near Haida Gwaii when he found a strange object on the seabed.

"I got a little far from my boat and I found something that I'd never ever seen before," Smyrichinsky told CBC News. "It resembled a bagel cut in half, and then around the bagel these bowls [were] moulded into it.

"I came out from the dive and I came up and I started telling my crew, 'My god, I found a UFO. I found the strangest thing I'd ever seen!'"

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The Canadian Armed Forces confirmed the site does match the possible location of the ‘lost nuke’, which was onboard a US Airforce Bomber B-36 when it crashed during a secret training flight from Alaska to Texas.

When the massive aircraft’s engines failed, crew decided to jettison the bomb into water before setting the plane to autopilot and parachuting to safety, leaving the plane to crash into a remote location in the coastal mountains of British Columbia.

Five crew died in the incident and 12 others were rescued. Although the wreckage was found four years later, the dummy Mark IV bomb was never located.

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The crew’s mission was to simulate an aerial bombing over California and was carrying a ‘dummy’ nuclear bomb. Although it didn’t actually contain plutonium, it was filled with a potentially deadly mixture of lead, natural uranium and TNT.

The large amount of TNT in the bomb could have caused major damage where it would have impacted,” according to one of the flight’s co-pilots, reports the Vancouver Sun.

A Royal Canadian Navy ship is reportedly on its way to the scene to investigate the suspected ‘nuke’, although official confirmation of the find is not expected for several weeks.