Rocket Raccoon fail: Animal stuck in army tank hilariously rescued (VIDEO)

© highvoltageev
Watch two grown men try their best to rescue a fat raccoon stuck upside-down in a tiny tank hatch.

Raccoons are always on the hunt for food and human habitats are often their number one source. Just like us, they will eat practically anything and will do whatever it takes to get their cute, thieving little hands on snacks. 

This guy ran out of luck however when he chanced his arm with an army tank and got stuck. Very stuck. 

You can see how a man who discovered him tries to gently pull the animal out by his paws, but all in vain. 

Then another man, dressed in military uniform, steps in to save the day, with his rough-yet-effective tactics freeing the raccoon from the tiny hatch he'd tried to climb into. 

The newly-liberated animal runs off to the wilderness and life goes on. 

Watch the video: