British man spends 11 hours trying to make tea with WiFi kettle

British man spends 11 hours trying to make tea with WiFi kettle
Nothing should get in between a Brit and their “cuppa,” but in the case of one man who had trouble getting his WiFi kettle to work, it took a grueling 11 hours.

Tea enthusiast and data specialist Mark Rittman started his brew-making adventure on Tuesday morning and live tweeted the entire ordeal.

Around 9:00am, Rittman tweeted, “Still haven’t had a first cup of tea this morning, debugging the kettle and now iWifi base-station has reset. Boiling water in saucepan now.”

But, around a few hours later, he informed his followers that there was still no cup of tea ready.

“Three hours later and still no tea,” he said. “Mandatory recalibration caused WiFi base-station reset, now port-scanning network to find where kettle is now.”

It was an hour before lunchtime and things were still looking bleak and Rittman’s patience was running out.

It appeared that the technical glitch from the WiFi kettle was that it was having trouble integrating with other devices such as Amazon Echo, which, like Apple’s Siri, enables users to instruct connected smart devices on what to do, but Rittman was attempting to build the integration functionality himself.

When some Twitter users asked if the kettle was a “real product,” Rittman said that it was but admitted that there was “flaky Wifi connectivity.”

After 11 hours, he said that the kettle was now responding to voice control, but another technical glitch in his house resulted in the lights going out in his home.

“Well the kettle is back online and responding to voice control, but now we’re eating dinner in dark while lights download a firmware update,” he added.

Eventually, he was able to turn on the kettle with WiFi and had a happy ending.

After all the trouble though, he would have been quicker going out and buying a normal kettle.