Bikers visit Area 51 ‘back gate’, threatened by ‘mysterious’ armed guards (VIDEO)

Bikers visit Area 51 ‘back gate’, threatened by ‘mysterious’ armed guards (VIDEO)
Known for its alleged extraterrestrial secrets, US military base Area 51 in the Nevada desert is off limits to the public. However, two bikers caught on camera the moment they stumbled upon an unknown “back gate” and were threatened by armed guards.

The terrifying standoff occurred as the pair were riding through a dusty road. They were abruptly stopped in their tracks by two men who arrived in a large white 4x4.

Area 51 has been at the center of conspiracy theories for decades and is widely depicted in popular culture as withholding information on the existence of aliens.

In the footage captured on one of the biker’s cameras, an armed guard shouts, “Get your f**king hands up,” before both men are roughly searched and questioned.

The bikers are eventually let go after being threatened by a guard who says, “We are going to give you guys a chance. You turn around and get the f**k outta here!”

Both men are warned about a potential $750 fine if they are spotted in Lincoln County – the area that surrounds the secretive military base.

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Once they leave, one of the bikers remarks that it “was the most gnarly thing I’ve ever been in." His friend agrees and replies, “That was crazy, he was so aggressive.”

Area 51 was publicly acknowledged by the CIA in 2005 after a Freedom of Information request was submitted.

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