Darwin Awards for birds? Pigeons getting sucked in by industrial grain mill in Russia (VIDEO)

© Fizzy Up
A new bread-based delicacy from Kazan, Russian Republic of Tatarstan might become all the buzz for locals with a penchant for bird meat.

The following footage is not for the squeamish, and shows what the pigeon version of the Darwin Awards might look like.

“Bizarre” and “plain wrong” just about sums up the scene witnessed in this video, which a Novosti 24 viewer sent in after infiltrating a local grain mill. It shows grain going into the mill, and dozens of pigeons who just can’t resist its allure.

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Akin to the natural cycle of lemmings leaping to their deaths from cliffs, the pigeons are seen diving for grain, before being quickly sucked into the machine (and probably ending up on someone’s plate). Despite seeing their brethren offed one by one by the hungry bread mill, the next pigeons are none the wiser.