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8 Oct, 2016 14:20

Heartstopping footage captures skydiver trailing from plane in mid-air (VIDEO)

Heartstopping footage captures skydiver trailing from plane in mid-air (VIDEO)

No matter how many times you've done it before, things can always go wrong in extreme sports, as one seasoned skydiver discovered when his wingsuit became dangerously caught on a plane in mid-jump.

Miles Daisher is a veteran of over 4,000 BASE jumps and over 7,000 skydives. In 2005, he set a BASE jumping record by completing an incredible 57 jumps in one day.

However, in a newly released extra scene from Red Bull’s Miles Above skydiving series, the 47-year-old talks about a jump that went horribly wrong, which could have ended in disaster for him and his skydiving teammates.

The Red Bull Air Force stuntman entangled part of his wingsuit on a plane while jumping out of the small aircraft, suspending him upside-down thousands of feet above the ground. The treacherous situation also put him at risk of pulling the plane into a dangerous spin.

Jumping from a small Cessna Propeller plane, Daisher was trying to allow as much room as possible for fellow jumper Marshall Miller when disaster struck and his bootie got stuck on a piece of metal on the plane’s wheel.

Displaying a level of calm that can only be achieved by someone who has risked their life thousands of times, Daisher manages to balance himself while flying his wingsuit backwards and being towed along by the plane.

His fellow jumpers desperately scramble to undo the snag that could not only have killed Daisher, but also endangered the lives of everyone on the plane.

"I'm thinking I better lock this up and keep it together because if I spin this thing it's gonna go bad,” the American says in the video’s narration. He said he concentrated on staying calm and keeping still, being “towed by my foot from a Cessna...flying a wingsuit backwards.”

Eventually, his comrades succeed in loosening the bootie, releasing him to safely complete his stunt.