Fake or Freak? Footage of 2-headed squirrel driving viewers nuts

 © LiveLeak
A video has surfaced purporting to show a two-headed squirrel but the footage has viewers driven nuts over whether it’s actually real.

The 53-second video was uploaded to LiveLeak on Monday and shows what appears to be a two-headed squirrel poking out of a hole in a wooden bench.

Upon first inspection the squirrel does indeed seem to be double-headed, with one LiveLeak commenter noting that such a creation “belongs in a David Lynch movie,” while another wrote “that thing was hideous.”

The camera stays focused on the squirrel for around 49 seconds before one of the heads appears to sink back into the hole.

It would appear that the two-headed squirrel is in fact just two squirrels with their heads sticking out of a small hole, but many viewers did believe it was some sort of conjoined creature.

“I think i just been duped,” wrote user dirtyturtle, while RechtundOrdnung said the video was “genius” and that they were “a believer for almost 20 seconds.”

“Sat here for a minute thinking that he should just put that poor thing out of its misery,” said louis_cyphre.