Police seize car after 5yo filmed doing burnout with dad watching on (VIDEO)

Police seize car after 5yo filmed doing burnout with dad watching on (VIDEO)
An Australian dad has come under fire for allowing his 5-year-old son to perform a ‘burnout’ in his sportscar and recording the action as the vehicle is engulfed by a plume of smoke.

The maneuver, which involves revving the engine to spin the wheels while keeping the car stationary, is common in drag racing. It causes the tires to heat up, giving them greater grip and so making them more effective at high speeds.

The stunt in the front yard of his Queensland home has left dad Alex Dobson in hot water, however. Police have seized the vehicle and its child protection unit has launched a probe.

Dobson can be heard shouting “Hell yeah” and “That’s my boy” during the 51-second video, concisely titled: When your 5 year old says... Dad, can i do a burnout? Sure son, no worries.

With the front windows of the vehicle rolled down, smoke can be seen streaming inside as the boy attempts to wave it out of his face. Dad then approaches, saying: “Look there’s no-one in the car with you,” before exchanging a ‘high five’ with his son.

Dobson did express his regret after receiving a mountain of criticism but only “because how far it’s gone and the consequences.”

YouTube viewers were not impressed with the stunt, however.

“WTF why the hell would you put a 5 year old in a car DUMBASS DAD,” wrote one while user #irresponsibleparenting101 said: “How to be an irresponsible parent FOR DUMMIES."

Sol Ti commented: “Yeah he's sick. the way he's talking n praising seems really dumb.”