Brangelina split bizarrely ‘threatens’ coverage of UN refugees summit

Brangelina split bizarrely ‘threatens’ coverage of UN refugees summit
Angelina Jolie’s decision to divorce her Hollywood actor husband, Brad Pitt, is being branded as ill-timed, due to the split coinciding with a UN summit on refugees.

In one of the more bizarre reactions to a celebrity romance failing, Angelina Jolie, herself a special envoy to the UN, is being slammed online for allowing news of her divorce to become public during a high-level summit meeting about the refugee crisis.

A number of social media commentators are suggesting the divorce has overshadowed the first-ever UN General Assembly dedicated to refugees and migrants, as well as US President Barack Obama’s speech at UN headquarters.

Due to the nature of the internet, some people are putting forward a few wild, presumably tongue-in-cheek theories, including the suggestion that Vladimir Putin masterminded the Tomb Raider star’s marriage breakdown. 

Amid the awkward-timing shouts, other people appear to be poking fun at the interest in Jolie’s and Pitt’s marriage ending to the point it could eclipse international political affairs.