Policeman engulfed in flames triggers fury against French protesters (PHOTO)

Policeman engulfed in flames triggers fury against French protesters (PHOTO)
A shocking picture from Thursday’s labor reform protests in Paris signals the return of fierce clashes between demonstrators and police over the contentious proposed legislation.

The photo of a torched policeman covered in flames, after molotov cocktails were thrown during the violent demonstration, ignited condemnation on Twitter and raised concern over protester’s attitudes toward law enforcers.

Translation: “They’re only doing their job! Shame on the man or woman who threw this incendiary bomb!”

Translation: “It is truly urgent to recognize authority and respect at all levels. This image is not acceptable”.

Translation: “One is astonished at the indoctrination of youth into terrorism when one sees that a simple event generates this violence.”

Translation: “Attempted murder of a police officer. Will the laxity that has led us to this anarchic society continue?”

Translation: “Shameful! When they intervene at the time of assaults, you're glad that they exist! Shameful”.

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It’s understood at least 30,000 people gathered in the French capital in response to the controversial labor reform legislation that allows employers to hire and fire people more easily, as well as negotiate working times with their staff directly.

Around 170,000 people participated in protests across the country on Thursday, CGT trade union representatives told AFP. However, according to estimates by the French authorities, 78,000 people took part in the walk-out.