Kids invited to use toy water cannon ‘to feel like real policemen’ at Berlin festival

© Ruptly
During a police “Doors Open Day” in Berlin, which sought to encourage youth to join the forces, officers invited kids to operate a fully functioning toy water cannon. Footage of the “harmless” device in action drew angry comments on social media.

Apparently, to demonstrate what it is like to be a policeman, Berlin officers decided to let kids try out a miniature water cannon during the day. The event which police described as a “festival for the whole family” took place on Sunday.

Eager to try out the “amusement ride”, kids are seen queuing before the vehicle surrounded by puddles. As they get inside the vehicle, they are instructed by a policeman on what to do next. A special plastic cup is placed several meters away from the cannon which the kids are asked to knock down with the water stream. As the children aim at the cup, policemen help them control the direction and force of the water flow.

A sign reading “Please keep your distance" is painted on the vehicle.

Footage showing kids trying out the water cannon prompted sarcastic comments on social media with users wondering whether it was appropriate to teach youngsters to use water cannon.