Angry dad destroys daughter’s Audi with digger to ‘prove a point’ (VIDEO)

© Kaylor Card
After finding a guy that “shouldn’t have been” with his daughter in her car, this Georgia father flipped. Quite literally.

It’s understood that Mike Card wanted to “prove a point” and destroyed his daughter’s car. Exactly what point he was proving isn’t clear, but the damage to the car is very much so.

A video uploaded to Facebook on Thursday shows the angered father repeatedly ramming an excavator into the $13,000 Audi A4, before flipping it over numerous times.

The excavator’s tracks and bucket are seen repeatedly hitting the car, leaving it with smashed windows, a very dented trunk, and a caved in roof.

“When a dad has to prove a point! #DADDYNOTHAPPY,” son Kaylor Card wrote in a Facebook post when sharing the video.

Comments on the video, which has racked up over 120,000 views, suggest “Ole Mike” is known for his short fuse, with one family friend commenting that they’ve “seen that temper a few time[s] back in the good ole days.”