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25 Aug, 2016 18:18

People are asking France to ban ‘pasty’ fat men in Speedos instead of burkinis

People are asking France to ban ‘pasty’ fat men in Speedos instead of burkinis

While the debate over France’s controversial burkini ban continues, Twitter users have pointed out a more serious problem on the country’s beaches, which comes in the form of “fat pasty guys” wearing Speedos.

People are now calling on French authorities to ban men wearing Speedos because the “banana hammocks” are far more offensive than a burkini.

The idea originates from satirical website the Mideast Beast, which ran a comical story about Muslim women demanding the criminalization of fat, white men in Speedos.

Some men are proud of their Speedos, but we might suggest covering up.

I'm with this beauty on #roadtrip #holland #nederland #speedos #water #30degres

A photo posted by Daniel Buchwald (@danielbuchwald) on

And definitely don’t try dancing in Speedos.

Meanwhile, dozens of women from all backgrounds held a beach party and demonstrated outside the French embassy in London against the burkini ban.

#wearwhatyouwant protest in London

A photo posted by @gianlucamezzo on

Around 15 French towns have so far issued bans on the burkini, with one woman forced to remove her clothing on the Promenade des Anglais beach in Nice.

The incident was condemned worldwide after photos of the moment went viral.

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