Extreme 360-degree backyard swing sends inventor into sickly spin (VIDEO)

Extreme 360-degree backyard swing sends inventor into sickly spin (VIDEO)
Viral sensation Colin Furze is no stranger to testing dangerous machines. But his latest gadget – a motorized swing – appears to have got the better of him ... by turning his stomach completely upside down.

In his most recent Youtube adventure, the British inventor is seen getting his hands on a series of steel beams, before fashioning a gigantic swing frame.

Set up in his back garden, the swaying contraption measures the height of his house and one crazy addition makes it swing a full 360 degrees – at high speed.

By now Furze is known for pushing the boundaries with his wacky innovations such as the ‘human blender’ hoverbike and flamethrower guitar. So it was perhaps no surprise that the energy-boosting addition to his swing was a two stroke propellor to instil some raw power.

Yes of course I had to power this in some way,” he told viewers.

I know the first suggestion is a pulse jet but my neighborly relations are being tested enough with just the sight of this thing,” he joked.

Video of the incredible swing shows Furze fixing the propeller’s throttle to handlebars, before swinging upsidedown – meters into the air – without a safety harness.

However, he apparently regretted making the decision to roadtest his latest contraption himself since the clip ends with him holding doubled over, dizzy and feeling very nauseous.