Pig mask public sex couple cause traffic jam in Sweden

Pig mask public sex couple cause traffic jam in Sweden
A couple pushed kink to the next level when they engaged in public sex under a Swedish waterwheel wearing pig masks. The very adventurous couple are still on the loose in the small Swedish town of Insjön.

The couple first caused concern on Friday night when some local teens on the hunt for Pokémon encountered the rubber mask wearing couple wearing T-shirts labeled 'King' and 'Queen'. As if the masks weren’t scary enough the couple started screaming at the teens and waving a green laser at them, the youths’ mother told Swedish newspaper Dalarnas Tidningar.

Police are on the hunt for the hammy couple. Officer Daniel Hagthorpe said that “pointing at someone with green laser can cause injury if it hits the eyes”.

Motorists then spotted the peculiar couple as they engaged in very public sex under the town's waterwheel, which sits right across the road from a restaurant with some otherwise perfect outdoor seating.

As to be expected curious and baffled drivers slowed down to take a look at the beastly behavior and make sure they hadn’t accidentally wandered into an episode of Twin Peaks. 

Hagthorpe said their public sex act could be considered sexual harassment if anyone takes offence. Some very angry vegetarians could soon see the couple charged.

The couple’s whereabouts are currently unknown leaving many on edge as to what animal they might disguise themselves as next before they put on another public show.