‘Oh sh*t!’ Cheeky baboon throws poop at two little girls (VIDEO)

‘Oh sh*t!’ Cheeky baboon throws poop at two little girls (VIDEO)
An ill-tempered baboon who was not in the mood for visitors at a sanctuary for endangered animals expressed his outrage in the grossest way possible.

According to LiveLeak, the monkey had a particular dislike for the man who recorded the incident (without the primate’s consent) at Tiger World, "a nonprofit animal conservation and educational center dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and preservation of exotic animals" in the US city of Rockwell, North Carolina.

As the family arrives to watch the caged monkey, it runs to a corner as a girl shouts, “I’ll give you food.”

“Look, see him?” says the man to the children. Then, as if he expects something to happen, he mutters, “Uh-oh.”

The angry baboon is seen banging on the frame of the enclosure before it scoops up its feces and hurls it at the family.

“Oh sh*t! G**damn it, he….” The man trails off as the unhappy kids move back, covered in monkey excrements.

“Ew, I hate this place,” says one girl who was hit in the face, while the other kid laughs at her.

It’s not the first time zoo visitors were hit by animal feces either.

A similar incident happened in Oregon when a monkey hit a screaming girl with poop.