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Rare moment of baby born inside amniotic sac goes viral (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Rare moment of baby born inside amniotic sac goes viral (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
Rare footage of a baby being born while still inside its fully intact amniotic sac has gone viral, clocking up more than 41 million views on Facebook, leaving online users wowed by the incredible video.

The video, recorded in Sao Paulo, Brazil, shows the newborn baby on the delivery table still with the caul after being delivered by caesarean section.

A nurse at Santa Casa de Misericórdia Hospital in Barretos, Gisele Correa, originally posted the clip, describing it as a “beautiful historic moment.” Amazingly, the baby emerged along with his twin, who didn’t have a sac.

Since then footage of the birth has been shared and viewed millions of time by audiences all over the world. The baby can be seen moving and stretching inside the amniotic sac.

It’s considered a rare phenomenon for a baby to be born in inside the amniotic sac, as it usually breaks during labor, occurring at a rate of one in 80,000 births.

Correra told Diario de Regiao that the medical team were fascinated by that the amniotic sac had not ruptured.

"When I saw that scene, I asked the doctor if I could take a picture and then to shoot. I could see the child moving. I am a prepared professional and helped in other births but for me, that moment was unique. "

The parents of the baby, who is said to be doing well along with his twin brother, authorized Correra to share the footage.

The boys’ mother said after watching the video: "For me, the image shows the power of God. I feel very blessed to have my children, who were born perfect."