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Hikea: Couple take acid, try to assemble flatpack furniture (TRIPPY VIDEO)

Hikea: Couple take acid, try to assemble flatpack furniture (TRIPPY VIDEO)
Assembling flatpack furniture can be a boring and laborious task, so this couple decided to liven things up with recreational tabs of Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD).

For many, the thought of having to mess around with yet another Allen key and those tiny little dowel rods is a frightening prospect.

Giancarlo and Nicole, who not surprisingly didn’t include their surnames on the video given the stiff legal penalties for LSD possession, took the psychedelic in advance of starting their task, so it took a few minutes of staring into the middle distance, laughing, and random dancing before getting down to business.

Once they actually begin, putting together cheap furniture looks like the funniest thing you’ll ever do in your life - and appears to involve the delicate use of a mallet.

The already-prolonged task was then lengthened further by some deep introspection with Giancarlo pondering over some of life’s greatest mysteries, including “outside.”  

“It’s like neutral of any emotion right now, it’s just there,” he says as he stands staring out the window, while Nicole contemplates eating her hair.

The couple spend almost four hours building the small chest of drawers and are delighted with themselves - until they realize there are three other boxes of the unit to unpack and assemble.

This, they’re not so keen on.