Flaming wind turbine in India creates stunning spirals of smoke (VIDEO)

The spirals lasted a couple of seconds before the blades fell apart. © 4ze Technology
A wind turbine spiraled out of control in India producing some very unique displays of smoke before its demise, with the dangerous but beautiful breakdown all captured on video.

The turbine in Coimbatore, a city in the south state of Tamil Nadu, put on a show for the lucky few who were at a safe distance to witness it.

Footage of the incident shows black smoke emitting from the end of the turbine's blades as its rotation gathers speed, forming a hypnotic spiral shape.

It’s all too much for one of the blades which flies from the turbine landing on the surrounding countryside. The remaining blades then gradually slow down.

According to the video’s description, high voltage and technical issues caused the turbine to run at high speeds and then catch fire.

Wind turbines are not designed to rotate at fast speeds. If strong winds push them to speed up, a function in the turbine should slow down the rotation.