Game over: Quest players accidentally find dead body in Russian swamp

© Ints Kalnins
A TV crew in Chelyabinsk, in the Urals, mistook a dead body for a prop in a quest, or treasure hunt, game they were taking part in over the weekend.

The corporate event took place in different locations across the city on Saturday with teams from a local TV station following instructions from the quest’s organizers.

So when one of the teams stumbled across a dead body in a swamp near the Miass River, they mistook it for a prop.

"Before this particular assignment we were told that there would be props on set that we were not allowed to touch. So we didn’t even realize it was a dead body, we thought it was a mannequin. And then today during a discussion, we found out that the aforementioned prop was a knife stuck in a tree nearby and our find had nothing to do with the game," a member of the OTV crew who found the corpse told Russian media.

After discovering their gruesome mistake on Monday, the quest players called the police.

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Real-life quests - an activity where organizers bring in all the features of computer games into real life, allowing players to immerse themselves in a puzzle within familiar settings - have become a popular means of team bonding in the corporate world in Russia.