Over-bearing: Terrifying moment grizzly burglar breaks into house (VIDEO)

Over-bearing: Terrifying moment grizzly burglar breaks into house (VIDEO)
The tension is unbearable in a video that has appeared online showing the moment a bear allegedly breaks into a house and climbs the stairs before lunging towards the cameraman.

“We have a bear inside of our house right now. Holy f*cking sh*t,” the cameraman can be heard saying as he playfully films the intruder under the illusion that a staircase will separate him from the wild animal.

The situation quickly changes when the bear effortlessly climbs the stairs. The cameraman retreats to a room before peeking out to witness the bear lunge at him, resulting in a tirade of curses - and who can blame him if you saw this coming for you.

The video was posted on Reddit with few details on its source or the subsequent safety of the cameraman. We hope that room was a panic room.

Some comments on the Reddit thread have questioned the authenticity of the video with speculation of it being another elaborate hoax, but a number of commenters said they had experienced situations with bears becoming more skilled at breaking into homes.

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