Young girl hit by car after running across road, walks away uninjured (SHOCKING VIDEO)

© CCTV News
A dramatic moment when a young girl dashed across the street, only to be hit by an oncoming car, has been captured on video. Miraculously, she simply got up and walked away uninjured.

While many parents fear just such an incident, for the mother of this four-year-old girl in the Chinese city of Chuzhou in Anhui Province, the nightmare became a reality.

It’s obvious from a video recorded on the car’s dash cam that the driver slammed on the brakes, but the sound of the car hitting the young girl is clear before she’s thrown yards in front of the car, while rolling along the ground.

While many would be left in shock by such a sight, the young girl just gets up and walks across the road, seemingly unharmed. Moments later, a woman, presumably the girl’s mother, is seen running across the street to tend to her child.

The young girl reportedly suffered only minor cuts and bruises, according to local media.

Following the incident, Chuzhou police said that drivers must remain alert to such “unforeseen circumstances.”