Russian man doesn’t give a damn about bear roaming nearby (VIDEO)

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We all knew Russians are tough… but this man may just be the bravest. Check out how he isn’t fazed at all by a bear roaming around right beside him. WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE

[The video contains strong Russian language]

The video was shot by two women, who take turns screaming swear words every few seconds.

“Get back! Quiet!” they shout.

Then things start heating up, as the bear approaches a man sitting on a bench.

“Oh f**k!” the women gape, but the man just continues sitting there, not particularly bothered by his potentially deadly visitor.

Then, the women burst out laughing as the animal suddenly jumps back from the man. “Bloody circus!” they exclaim.

“Sergey, he’ll jump at you!” they warn, but the man remains where he is.

The bear slowly continues roaming around, and then leaves.

The exact location of the events is unknown, but it could have been made in Siberia or Russia’s Far East where bears often come near residential areas.

But actually the man is right – the best thing you can do if you encounter a bear is to keep calm and not run.