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5 Jul, 2016 14:43

Laser-guided robot solves parallel parking nightmare with military precision (VIDEO)

Laser-guided robot solves parallel parking nightmare with military precision (VIDEO)

In the future robots may well enslave the human race, but at least in an android-run dystopia the problem of parallel parking will be eradicated.

A Chinese technology company has created a new novel, effortless way to carry out the parking maneuver, which has long been a bugbear for both veteran and learner drivers.

Known as the Geta, the cost of the machine has yet to be announced by Yeefung Automation Technology, but could change the way people think and go about their parking business.

A new video has just emerged showing the animatronic parking assistance in action.

With Chinese car ownership at about 154 million, it’s likely that device will soon be deployed commercially in multi-storey parking lots, rather than for individual use.

The smart robot, developed by the smart parking firm based in the south China city of Shenzhen, acts as a car podium which can autonomously scoot a vehicle into a tight spot with incredible precision.

The development is good news, following a report by Shenzhen Daily earlier this year in which a parking interest group highlighted that the number of vehicles in China far outnumber spaces.

The China Parking System Manufacturers Association estimated that, with demand high, automated parking is a lucrative industry worth upwards of $1.74 billion.

Yeefung Technology CEO Wu Marco explained to Reuters that one of the key advantages of the Geta platform was that it can move freely without tracks.

He predicted that the device will “reform” parking in the future.

Using laser navigation Geta is able to find its way around - all the driver has to do is pop his or her vehicle on top of the platform and watch a computer do the tricky stuff.