‘Where’s Trump?’ Naked raving man in Times Square NYC livestream (VIDEO)

‘Where’s Trump?’ Naked raving man in Times Square NYC livestream (VIDEO)
Broadway was upstaged by a naked man strutting his stuff atop a ticket booth in New York City’s Times Square, with police becoming unlikely extras in his revealing performance as they attempted to bring him down in front of a crowd.

The man, identified by police as professional model Krit McClean, asked officers: “Donald Trump, where are you?!” during the two-hour ordeal on Thursday, according to the NY Post.

The 21-year-old climbed the famous steps of the TKTS booth in Times Square and climbed over a barrier to a ledge, where he took off his clothes before folding them in a neat pile, according to police.

Witnesses took to Periscope to stream the drama as it happened, with almost 30,000 people having now watched the man enjoy some naked dancing.

A police spokesperson said McClean yelled incoherently at them when they arrived and spat and made gestures while an inflatable landing bag was placed below the ledge as police tried to talk him down.

Unfortunately for McClean, every actor's worst nightmare happened when he stumbled awkwardly from his stage, missing the inflatable crash bag and falling 16ft to the concrete.

McClean was brought to hospital following his fall and according to police sustained only minor injuries.

Police added the model was with a woman when he climbed the booth, and she remained distressed throughout the ordeal.

According to McClean’s website he was born in Bangkok before moving to New York. He says his message is to “live life as your own individual. Be yourself, be open, be interested, be interesting, and dream!”

It’s not yet known what led to McClean’s very public show but he definitely proved interesting to New York’s rush hour commuters, with the resident singing Naked Cowboy upstaged by his antics.