Former NASA engineer creates ‘world’s largest’ Nerf gun & it’s pretty epic (VIDEO)

© Mark Rober
Childhood Nerf wars are a common sight, but three engineers have stepped things up a notch with this modified piece of kit which can fire ammunition at a staggering 40mph (64kph) over 130 yards (118 meters).

Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer who worked on the Mars Rover project, joined forces with Ryan and David from Eclectical Engineering, and together created one giant Nerf gun that has no problems obliterating watermelons or shattering glass.

To give the gun such force, the clever clogs added a 3000psi paintball tank which then channels into an air cylinder which regulates the air, sending bursts of pressure at 80psi.

To test just how forceful the gun is, the guys 3D printed a projectile which they managed to fire 130 yards down a football pitch.

If you’re thinking you’ve never seen bullets this size though, don’t worry - all you need is some toilet plungers and pool noodles and you’re all set.

Rober is also the man who, in February, took a household leaf blower and modified it into a snowball machine gun with some pretty impressive results.