Martian machinery? 'Alien' object sparks red planet rumors (PHOTO, POLL)

Martian machinery? 'Alien' object sparks red planet rumors (PHOTO, POLL)
Alien technology may have been spotted on Mars in the latest discovery from NASA’s Curiosity rover after a mysterious object pictured on the red planet has sparked speculation that it may be an engine belonging to an other-worldly race.

It may look like a rock upon first glance, but the team at UFO Sightings Daily restored the image to what they claim is its original color to show that the object in question is “stealth black”, with “no earthly business in a Mars rock field.”

The object, which is about 1m (3ft) high and 1.5 meters (5ft) wide, also appears to have been cleaned by its alien owners, according to believers, which would make them tidier than other alien species.

The site also believes it could be an escape pod, but it would only be big enough for small aliens... or their dogs.

NASA’s images of Mars have produced some past alien potential, including a rock resembling President Obama’s head and a crashed star destroyer from "Star Wars."

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The new find bears a striking resemblance to another "Star Wars" object, the pod racers from George Lucas’s questionable prequels. Maybe he was trying to discard evidence that the films ever existed.

What do you think? Is this new discovery simply a rock or does it prove once and for all that we are not alone?