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Russian T-90 tanks dive underwater during amphibious drills (VIDEO)

Russian T-90 tanks dive underwater during amphibious drills (VIDEO)
Heavyweights of the Russian Army conducted underwater drills in the Volgograd region, conquering a series of obstacles and performing various amphibious maneuvers at a depth of up to five meters.

Russian heavyweights conduct underwater drills #T-90

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Over 100 soldiers and around 50 armored vehicles took part in the drills hosted by Russia’s Southern Military District. The exercise offered a unique opportunity to showcase underwater driving skills at the Prudboy range in Volgograd Region.

The footage of the drills showed a T-90 tank doing submerging maneuvers in an artificial, five-meter-deep pond. The task was to get round an obstacle in an underwater environment without stopping, while orienting the vehicle using only onboard instruments. Crews participating in the drills were also tasked with completing the course without changing gears or making sharp turns underwater.

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The servicemen also practiced how to operate in case of oxygen starvation. Soldiers were equipped with individual emergency and rescue apparatus and self-contained IP-5 breathing gear, designed to ensure free ascent or gradual ascent to the surface during crew evacuation in the event of the tank stopping or suffering a breach of water.

Other armored vehicles are also seen conducting a number of maneuvers. Most of the vehicles have entered service over the last year. They include T-90 tanks, BMP-2, BMP-3, and BMP-80 armored personnel carriers.

Similar drills to tackle water obstacles were carried out in the Eastern Military District, in the Republic of Buryatia. There, T-72B tanks had to cover an 800-meter underwater course at a depth of up to 3.5 meters.