Giant monitor lizard tries to break into Thai home as horrified family looks on (VIDEO)

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The terrifying moment a massive and possibly very hungry reptile attempts to force open the front door of a family home in Thailand has been caught on camera.

A 6ft (1.83 meter) long lizard can be seen standing upright and leaning against the door while seemingly tugging at the handle with its mouth.

All the while, house owner Attanai Thaiyuanwong, is streaming the action on Facebook Live.

Throughout the attempted home invasion a small pet dog can be heard continually barking in fear while the young family inside scream as the monitor thrashes its powerful tail against a nearby table.

Bizarrely, it has emerged that the animal lived on site before the family moved in and that they even named it Selena. (Hardly the moniker of nightmares, it must be said.)

In the footage a man standing behind ‘Selena’ out on the terrace tries to coax the creature away from the house using a broom handle and then a rope. “It’s f**king huge,” he says at one point.

He’s not wrong.

It’s believed the monitor was eventually persuaded to dine elsewhere and the pooch, we assume, went back to playing with its squeaky toys.