Alligator gets behind the wheel of captor's car (VIDEO)

Alligator gets behind the wheel of captor's car (VIDEO)
An escaped alligator managed to get behind the wheel of its captor’s car after breaking out of the trunk but its hopes for freedom were foiled when he got himself stuck between the driver’s wheel and windshield.

The seven foot alligator was caught by professional trapper Christy Kroboth on Saturday night but on Sunday morning, Kroboth found her windshield broken in two different places from the alligator’s struggle to escape.

Using some very brave skills and massive disregard for the wellbeing of her own hands, Kroboth expertly lured the alligator out of the car over the course of a very tense couple of minutes.

In a video posted to Facebook, Kroboth explained that if she traps an alligator at night she will sometimes lock it in her car until the next day when she can bring it to the local wildlife conservation group, Gator Squad, where she also works.

Although her car was damaged, Kroboth said she had no anger towards the alligator who was only following the light.

According to Kroboth the alligator, which was severely underweight for his size, also showed signs of abuse by humans, including having been shot with a BB Gun leaving him blind in one eye and several bullet holes on his back.

Kroboth has named her new friend Buster and he appears to be very happy in his new home.

Despite her interesting skills 30-year-old Kroboth is a single woman who says the job sometimes gets in the way of relationships and has even appeared on the Steve Harvey Show in the hope of finding a man.

Any one who is lucky/brave enough, just make sure to check the junk in her trunk before getting in any cars with her.