Tiny piglet surfs the waves like a pro in Hawaii (VIDEO)

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It turns out that surfing runs in the family for these pigs. While “Kama” the surfing pig is used to the waves off the shores of Hawaii, the pig’s offspring has joined in on the sport.

Captured on a GoPro camera, the piglet is seen balancing on top of a board, while its owner Braiden Holt slides through the waves off the island of Oahu.

The small “son of Kama” stands at the edge of the surfboard, effortlessly breezing through the water.

Kama the pig has been an online celebrity for quite some time. With almost 19,000 followers on Instagram, the pig stumbled upon the Holt family while they were camping in 2014.

Hey erybody! Check Kama at da Sam pops achoy contest last weekend. We posed to be batman and robin in the tandem costume division! Haha;) this was a wave after loosing our masks on a bomb set. Haha;) thanks Brian and the Moku surf crew for making it happen. Much love! Thanks @hicsurf for the coolest surf shorts ever! Much love Brada Mitch and crew! K les go! Eat surf! Sleep surf! Bleep bleep bleep bleep surf! Eat it up! Til me belly full! And I sheet surf! Peed surf! Heed surf! Mountain! And I weed surf! She surf! Me surf! To Together! We we we surf! She crave! Me lovin! Got me hooked! And I need surf! Life is a b beach! And we! Sandy b b beach surf! Free surf! Free surf! She she and me me surf! We we surf! Everybody! Surf! Ev Everybody! Surf! Haha;) Downward dawg! On da board! Da board is my sword! Wave hawg! On da board! Kama train! All aboard! Whoop whoop! Cummin through! Yeah! You know how we do! In a sea of love! We swimmin in a pool! Infinity pool! In a sea of dreams! Real it seems! We are dreams! Have a dream! I have a dream! Dream a dream! Be a dream! In your eyes! I see a dream! And To me! She a dream! And to her! Me a dream! And together! We a dream! Haha;) On da beach in Hawaii! We stretch on da beach in Hawaii! Yogi! Yogini! On da beach in Hawaii! We Tadasana! On da beach in Hawaii! Yeah we Shavasana! On da beach in Hawaii! Happy baby! Happy baby! Happy baby! Happy baby! Sunrise salute! On da beach in Hawaii! Yeah! Happy baby! Happy baby! Happy baby! Happy baby! Sunrise salute! On da beach in Hawaii! Haha;) oink oink🐗🏄 @chu @braiden808 @bombereyewear @hidentitysurf @gr3en4life @hicsurf @kentajes @dvsshoes @alohasub aloha🌈😉

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Hey erybody! Hope alls well. We're in the china longboard contest at Waikiki queens this weekend. Saturday and Sunday. Come down south and have some fun in da sun. Hope to see yall there. Much love everyone! Aight! Les go! We run da beach! We run da sea! We run da beats! Rockin da streets of Waikiki! We! Da beast! Da beat beast! From da belly o da beast! We rise wit da sun! Come up upon da east! In peace! We peace keepers! Keepers! Jeepers! Four by! We grow creepers! Creepers! Peepers! Open yo eyes! Imma reaper! Wide! I reaper! Hi tide! Surfs up yall! And I pull in deeper! Haha;) Never letchu go! I'll never letchu go! Baby girl! You are da bes! And I gotta letchu know! Dat I love to love to love ya! Love ya! Love ya! Love ya! And I'm Always thinkin of ya! X O X O! Come on baby! Let's go! Take you to da beach! For a surf! And a stretch! Yo! Sunrise! Salute! She! Water mine! Root! We! Downward dog! In da sand! Water mine! Shoots! She in love wit da Koko! Hawaiian boy! Local! Lover and fighter! Triangle choke! Choke hold! Gagger! Gagger! Rug munch! On da shagger! Vegetarian! Pack lunch! Brown paper bagger! Haha;) Welcome to my world! Badazz! My girl! She in love wit me! I'm like! Yeah das! My girl! Surf da seven seas! Wit my bad azz! Bi girl! Surfs up! Up up and away! Yeah das! Fly girl! Haha;) oink oink🐗🏄 @chu @braiden808 @kentajes @bombereyewear @hidentitysurf @gr3en4life @gopro @hicsurf @bombereyewearhawaii @alohasub aloha🌈😉

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After discovering that the piggy loved water and could swim perfectly, it was only a matter of time before the hog was taken out to surf.

The pigs aren’t the first animals to become surfers though.

In California, a surfing goat even inspired a children’s book after appearing in numerous YouTube videos.