NASA SpaceX rocket captured landing back on earth (VIDEO)

NASA SpaceX rocket captured landing back on earth (VIDEO)
A spectacular timelapse released by NASA showed the moment the unmanned rocket SpaceX Falcon 9 landed back on earth for the third successful mission in two months.

The first stage of the rocket returned to earth after boosting the Thaicom 6 satellite into orbit.

Footage from a camera attached to the rocket shows scenic views of the earth as the rocket makes its way back to its landing point.

As the rocket maneuvers towards earth, in a matter of seconds it edges closer towards landing on an autonomous drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean.

Finally, Falcon 9 reaches its destination and successfully lands at sea.

NASA is one of SpaceX’s largest clients and uses the rocket to transport cargo to the International Space Station.

The American aerospace manufacturer aims to drive down the cost of access to orbit in preparation to send thousands of settlers to Mars in years to come, according to Geek Wire.