Star Wars fans geek out over Wookie mask, stormtrooper arrest, & Millennium Falcon sightings

Star Wars fans geek out over Wookie mask, stormtrooper arrest, & Millennium Falcon sightings
The anticipation among Star Wars fans for Episode VIII, which won’t be released until December 2017, boiled over this week with a number of geek-outs that inexplicably “broke the internet.”

The most high-profile viral video comes from Candace Payne whose sheer enthusiasm for her new Chewbacca mask clocked up more than 102 million views in just two days.

The 37-year-old mother revealed her latest purchase and “lost her s**t” when the mask started to make its own noise.

Payne livestreamed her video on Facebook and, according to NBC's Today, it has now become the most watched Facebook Live video of all time.

The word “Chewbacca” began trending on Twitter Friday and even the official Star Wars account got in on the action.

Not all Stars Wars fans have had such a joyous week, though, with one film fan from the US state of Georgia encountering a rather unexpected plot twist this week.

Justin Marling was arrested after concerned locals in Newborn alerted police to a man dressed in a full Stormtrooper outfit walking the streets of the small town.

When initially requested by police to put down what they thought was a real weapon, Marling ignored them and continued to walk on. It was only after being asked a second time that Marling put the gun down.

Marling was arrested for reckless conduct and wearing a mask, which isn’t permitted under state law unless it's for a holiday or function.

The wannabe foot soldier for the Empire was released from jail on Tuesday on a $2,000 bond.

In more spoilerific news, some eagle-eyed fans caught a glimpse of what’s in store for the already highly anticipated eighth episode.

Some of the cast and crew have returned to Ireland to film what are believed to be some pivotal scenes with one location being used to stage what looks to be the Millennium Falcon.

Perched on a cliff edge along Malin Head in county Donegal in the north west of the country, the set was constructed over a number of days with security tight in the area to curtail the plot being leaked.

Locals had to reportedly sign confidentiality agreements to ensure they don’t disclose any information about what they may see being filmed.

The Irish Aviation Authority also implemented no-fly zones in the area, including the use of drones, as well as other filming locations. 

Actors Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, and Mark Hamill were all seen arriving in Belfast last Friday with the assumption being the three will be filming scenes together.

Meanwhile, in the southwest of the country, the film’s crew in county Kerry are returning to the area, having filmed one of the most important scenes there for “The Force Awakens.”

Instead of using Skellig Michael again as Luke Skywalker’s spiritual refuge, some of it has been recreated on the mainland at Ceann Sibéal (Sybil Head) on the Dingle Peninsula.

Permission was given to Disney/Lucasfilm to film in the protected area by the Department of Arts, Heritage, and the Gaeltacht, in conjunction with the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

The film’s crew aren’t just in Ireland, however, with some very good drone footage also capturing some of the set being built at Longcross Studios in London, England. 

Like in Donegal, the set includes a Millennium Falcon, which raises questions as to what the dual location of the starship could mean for the film's plot.